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My latest character to join the doll world is Rayne.  Designed using my  new realistic body, Rayne arrives in a basic set of sport underwear and shoes just alike a normal basic doll.  What sets her apart is how the collector styles her.  I am happy to announce that I now have a shop at  the Shapeways website--the digital printing company. The R. Tonner Design  store at Shapeways is now open for business.    

The store contains  accessories such as shoes, a breastplates or bodice and a romantic crown.  Sculpted cuffs, hats, sculpted wigs, jewelry  and more will follow. My goal is to add additional designs  as I get them done.  The accessories are  designed and sculpted just for Rayne to print to the collectors  specifications.  As for clothing, patterns for easy-to-make outfits for Rayne will be available shortly on the R. Tonner Design site to download.  Rayne is currently available at select retailers.



Rayne portrait brown.JPG

Basic Rayne

Rayne wears a black jersey dress made from a Rayne pattern. Over it, she wears a digitally printed breastplate that's been painted black, detailed with gold paint and black rhinestones.  Shoes were ordered from the R. Tonner Design shop at Shapeways.

Rayne black gown.JPG
Rayne red basic.JPG
Rayne brown.JPG
Rayne blonde.JPG

Rayne basics

Shapeways crown.JPG
enhanced shapeways crown.JPG

Romance Collection Crown Sculpt

Shapways bustiea.JPG
enhance shapeways breastplates.JPG

Romance Collection Breastplate

The Romance Collection Crown was digitally printed in transparent plastic and embellished with rhinestones.  This is a sample of one of many ways to decorate the crown.

The Romance Collection breastplate was printed in clear plastic and embellished with rhinestones.  The version on the right was spray painted black and detailed with gold paint and black rhinestones.  Shown are two printed samples, customized.

Shapeways shoes.JPG
enhanced shapeways shoes.JPG

Rayne Basic Pump

The Rayne Basic Pump was printed out in solid black and in a transparent plastic (with rhinestone embellishments).  Shown are two printed samples, customized.

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