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Ellowyne Wilde

Ellowyne is back!

ello background doll.jpg

Rufus wanted us to meet an acquaintance of his for dinner.  I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go (social anxiety and all), but I've heard wonderful things about his friend Neema.  He planned a quiet meal at a little place outside the city.  It was one of those hot nights but he wanted us to dress so I wore a black organza dress that I love--it's all covered with huge embroidered flowers.  Maybe it was too much but I love flowers--I guess you could say I'm a Petal Pusher:).  By the way, Neema was delightful!

Petal Pusher  16" Dressed doll with rooted saran hair.

cropped image.jpg

I've always loved the late afternoon light at Morton Hall; we stopped there on the way home from Neema's  art opening.  Lizette did my hair that afternoon and added a hat (you know how she loves hats) and I love it with this dress.  This dress has always been a favorite; the silky texture with the embroidery and the slightly raised waist.  The fun part however is the slip--it's kind of a surprise--kind of a Puff Piece.  I wore jewelry from Grandmother--it reminds me of the stain glass in the Hall.

Puff Piece  16" Dressed doll with rooted saran hair.

Ello in green.jpg

One of the places I missed most while I was away was the Botanical Gardens.  They opened a new wing just for Orchids--it was awesome.  Their flower pavilion is really Taking Shape!  But of course, as you know, my favorite spot at the Gardens is the trellis right off the book store.  Lizette took this shot of me in my pale moss green brocade dress with the cape sleeves.  It was perfect with my new open front boots and embroidered cropped tights.

Taking Shape  16" Dressed doll with rooted saran hair


I had a couple of hours to relax before my Zoom class.  I was all ready for it but Sybil stuck her claws into my tee shirt and destroyed it, so I had to change.  Sometimes I don't know what I'm going to do with that cat. I made this dress before the trip as a nice summer dress but I cut the hem too short so I didn't know what to do with it.  So, as I was trying to figure out what to wear, I threw it on and I really liked it.  I wouldn't wear it out but basically it looks like an old fashion Baby Doll pajama--it's very comfortable (and no one can see how short it is on Zoom :))

​​Baby Doll Basic  16" Basic doll with saran wig.  Doll is available with medium brown wig also.


Feeling a bit moody due to my brother Freddy's latest "adventure", I decided to take a walk.  Lost in thought, I found myself an hour later in the old warehouse part of the city.  I hadn't been down that way in quite some time--it looks great; the buildings are mostly restored and the shopping is amazing.  I'm glad I was dressed for it.  I wore my embroidered cardigan over a sleeveless bow tank.  And my favorite--my tweed skirt with matching high boots.  A sweet lady that I had never met before said to me that I was definitely Turning Heads!  That certainly helped my mood.

​​​​Turning Heads  Outfit


Every once in a while I need the feel on an ocean breeze and Wednesday was one of those days.  Prudence said she'd meet me, but at the last minute she had to cancel.  No Face Time today. That's okay. It was just nice to be down there.  Rufus often says it's my "bored walk" but I like it.  I wore navy and white for bit of a nautical feel; pants of course but also my new white blouse with the most wonderful sleeves.  I know better than to wear heels on the boardwalk but I wasn't thinking and wore them anyway (don't ask).  I had a little cropped jacket and a few pearls and I was set to go.  My spirits started to lift as the sun started to go down--the day was Taking Shape.

Face Time Outfit

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