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Game Changers

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning my own company for so many years was my ability to select projects that interested me even though they may not always have been financially practical.  Over the years I was able to produce dolls that I hoped prompted a change in the way collectors look at the world.  The personalities behind the dolls certainly challenged the way people perceived age, beauty, and even gender.


Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen started modeling in the 1940s and is still working today.  She sets the standard for aging gracefully. (and, she's also a delight!)  Her doll is the first to represent a stunning beauty of a certain age.



Emme is considered one of the first plus-sized super models and she graced countless magazine covers.  Her doll was groundbreaking also... especially for the time; a plus-sized fashion doll.


Zombie Boy/Rick Genest

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy revolutionized the modeling industry with his head to toe tattoos.  His action figure was one of the first male fashion dolls covered with that very artwork.


Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen, grew up on her own reality show.  Her doll is the first commercial doll made of a young trans teen.

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