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Mass Market

For a doll designer, the mass market can be one of the most daunting areas to work in and yet, ultimately the most rewarding.  I’ve always wanted to do products that kids could enjoy and safely play with and luckily, I been involved in a few such projects.  My toy sculpts have been sold through FAO Schwarz, Home Shopping Network, QVC, TRU, and Walmart. 

Tonner3-21-13 28228 1.jpg
Tonner3-21-13 28219.jpg
Tonner3-21-13 28214 2.jpg

City Girls

Tonner3-21-13 28211 1.jpg
Tonner5-12-11 19802.jpg
Tonner5-12-11 19798.jpg
TonnerToys9-23-11 21391.jpg
TonnerToys9-23-11 21393.jpg

Little Miss Matched

baby in snow suit.jpg
baby as boy.jpg
baby in print.jpg

FAO Babies

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